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CD DVD Dup Deals

Bulk CD & DVD Duplication with photo quality on-disc printing with many packaging options.

30 Day Price Matching, Money Back Guarantee.

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Professional CD duplication

Professional CD duplication

A professional CD duplication business will be capable to offer you reliable copies of your CDs than a burner on your Personal computer. Artwork: Most CD duplication companies offer their own set of design templates. Several companies use CD duplication businesses to produce discs that they can mail out to their consumers. So if you are in a rush, choose CD Duplication.

Abet Disc provides industry standard CD duplication at low prices and high quality. Abet Disc’s duplicator system incorporates the latest technologies, professional CD duplication software with the latest CDRW/DVD+/-RW drives to offer the best and fastest solution for your CD creating without a penalty on your budget.

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CD Duplication Specials in Los Angeles CA

CD Duplication in Los Angeles with industry-leading quality, quick turnaround times and Low Price Promise, you can feel confident that Abet Disc is your very best choice.

Jewel case 2 panel CD Duplication Jewel case 4 panel CD Duplication Jewel case 6 panel CD Duplication
Jewel case 2 panel Jewel case 4 panel Jewel case 6 panel
Slim case 2 panel CD Duplication Slim case 4 panel CD Duplication ECO Paper Sleeve CD Duplication
Slim case 2 panel Slim case 4 panel Paper Sleeve
Sleeve CD Duplication eco Wallet CD Duplication DigiPak 4 panel CD Duplication
Sleeve / Jacket eco Wallet 4, 6 panel DigiPak 4 panel
DigiPak 6 panel CD Duplication DVD case CD Duplication Bulk CD Duplication
DigiPak 6 panel DVD case Bulk

CD Duplication services in Los Angeles by Abet Disc is perfect for you if you have a master disc with audio or data files on it, and you need them copied onto multiple CDs.

One important thing to remember is that when you send in your master disc, it will be copied exactly as-is, so be sure that no changes need to be made to your data. Place all your data and songs / music in the desired order, and we will make as many copies of it as you wish!

Whether you are looking for music, audio, or data CD Duplication in Los Angeles, choosing a professional company to handle this process for you carries many advantages!

For example, professional equipment used for CD Duplication in Los Angeles allows Abet Disc to quickly produce high-quality copies of your CDs at very competitive rates. The great thing about CD Duplication in Los Angeles is that it can be used to make a smaller quantity (hundreds) of copies of your original CD.

CD Duplication Los Angeles

Another great feature offered by Abet Disc is the “thermal on-disc printing” for your CD’s graphics.

Unlike other companies that use ink-jet printing to duplicate your artwork, we utilize a two-step process, which uses heat and pressure, to transfer wax-based ink onto a CD. This results in the highest-quality, deep color visual presentation of your graphics. In addition, thermal on-disc printing is permanent – unlike some labels that peel off over time.

As a nice bonus, Abet Disc includes a free barcode on all CD Duplication orders, and a free master disc mailing service. This is a rare find in a company that offers CD Duplication in Los Angeles!

Abet Disc has assisted clients throughout Los Angeles, CA USA, Mexico, Canada and Europe with their CD Duplication needs by offering the highest-quality, 100% guaranteed fulfillment services at the best prices! We have worked with professional musicians, film makers, and various artists who have relied on our company to deliver the best end-product copies of their CDs.

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What Is CD Duplication?

What Is CD Duplication

CD Duplication is an excellent option for the production of short-run low quantities from 10 to 300 discs at low cost. It’s a favorite among indie artists and small companies.  There are many different uses for CD Duplication; CD Duplication can save you time and money. Whether you are promoting your music or a presentation report in the form of CD or software/driver that needs to be duplicated and distributed.

More info: What Is CD Duplication

CD Duplication Los Angeles CA

CD Duplication Company Info

Duplicating CD’s is an industry on to itself. Getting quality CD Copies is essential to anyone in the music industry or anyone who needs duplicates of CD’s for books on CD, presentations, and more. You want the duplicate to have the same high quality as the original to showcase your talent and your work. Often times, though a duplicate can get watered down and the more copies that are made, the worse the quality can be. Especially, when copies are made from a home computer.

Getting CD’s duplicated by a professional such as Abet Disc, located in Los Angeles, ensures high quality CD Duplication. They not only provide a quality product but quality customer service and online order placing 24/7, makes it easy for clients to receive their orders in a timely manner with no hidden fees and a 30 day money back guarantee.

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CD Track Names

cd track names

We recommend Apple’s iTunes since it’s on all Macs and on a lot of PCs, download it for free: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

If you’re releasing a new CD it’s very important to get that info. into CDDB database, the database that iTunes uses, so that anybody who plays it will see the track and the artist info.

When you insert a CD into iTunes that’s had its data uploaded to CDDB, it’s identified and the track and artist info. is automatically downloaded in to iTunes .

How to upload your CD info to the database

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Mini DVD Replication Specials (eco-friendly DVDs)

Card Disc DVD mini Disc Replication

What is mini DVD, DVD Card Disc?

The eco-friendly design of the disc as well as its flexible attributes make the Flex DVD the perfect choice for direct mail and publishing scenarios (especially for cover mounting on magazine, books, and newspapers) its resilience to breakage, shattering, and cracking.

Card Disc mini DVD Replication

Flex-DVD is the latest technology in the DVD replication industry.

This single layer format has the same capacity of a DVD-5 (4.7GB for standard size and 1.1GB for 3” Mini). This new disc format is literally “flexible”. This new format is ideal for any disc based direct mail application due to its resilience to breakage, shattering, and cracking. Only 0.6mm disc thick! (Full size Disc & 80mm Mini Disc) 50% less polycarbonate environmentally eco friendly Flex-DVD Disc can be bent and “flexed” without any damage. Perfect for “cover mount” and direct mail

Plays just like a regular DVD disc, available in DVD-5 4.7 GB, Mini 1.1 GB DVD, and 3.7 GB HD-DVD capacity & 800MB 63MM Rectangle and DVD Business card Hockey Rink

Bulk mini DVD Replication

Why use Flex DVD?


The flexible nature of the disc allows the Flex DVD to move through sorting machinery at U.S. Postal Service sort facilities. The fact that the disc will “flex” allows a direct mail piece using this disc to be classified as “Standard Mail” by US postal service will cost you between $0.065 and $0.216 depends on paper stock and ink coverage, you will save between $0.30 to $0.40 compared to non-machineable letter rate.


In recent years, many disc-based direct mail campaigns experienced a relatively high percentage of “breakage in transit” as digital marketing professionals relied on various carriers to deliver their marketing vehicle to the doors of businesses and consumers. Packaging systems were created to minimize the amount of discs damaged in transit, however, in all mail or express delivery applications – results were still unacceptable. Flex DVD eliminates breakage in transit by providing a flexible, resilient disc product that will almost NEVER crack, break, or become damaged.


As corporations and organizations in the U.S.A. become more and more conscious of their impact on the environment, the Flex DVD is clearly a more “green” disc replication solution for these same companies to consider. Abet Disc’s molding technology uses one half the polycarbonate and chemicals that a standard DVD-5 replication process normally uses. Over time, the benefits to the environment from a pollution and recycling standpoint are truly significant factors.


Flax Disc plays and performs exactly like its DVD-5 counterpart. The disc functions and plays at optimal levels in all players on the market today. From set-top DVD players to DVD drives in computers and lap tops, maximum playability levels were reached during a vigorous research and development process and these levels are almost identical to standard DVD-5 discs in the market today.

Audio Mastering Way It’s Imperative

Audio Mastering

You are done recording and mixing, so now what?

You just recorded and mixed your tracks, now you are ready to duplicate it. You want to send out your CDs to radio stations, record labels, and music producers or you are ready to publish your work online, but you have few unanswered questions.

How good is the overall sound quality of my tracks compared to the competition?

Can my tracks sound any better? My tracks sound pretty good, is it good enough in the competitive world of the music industry? How do I measure the sound quality of my tracks?

Answer: Your first step should be to choose a mastering company who can professionally master your tracks.

What is audio mastering?

Audio Mastering is the final critical creative step in the process of making a master audio recording ready for Radio, TV, Movie and Multimedia. At this point all the final sound adjustments, stereo imaging improvements and sonic enhancements are applied to shape the final sound in to a coherent and sophisticated work of art.

Why do I need professional mastering?

In the competitive music business today there is continuous demand for higher quality sound. The ongoing evolution of digital technology makes mastering an indispensable step in any music, movie or multimedia projects. Our years of experience and unique techniques are counted on by our clients to gain the necessary competitive edge for the successes of their CD, DVD, Multimedia, TV and Radio releases.

For more Audio Mastering info and pricing visit: Abet Disc

Cutting Edge DVD Duplication

DVD Duplication

Thanks to the high demand by movie studios, television networks, video game designers, and software developers, the DVD Duplication industry is growing at an unprecedented pace. In addition, advertising departments and agencies are increasingly turning to DVD duplication and CD duplication to distribute product promotions, press kits, and collateral sales materials.

There are a number of technologies that have been developed in order to deliver information in a highly innovative and effective manner, and to minimize some of the problems that have arisen as a result of piracy.

One of the most imaginative advances in DVD manufacturing is what is known as a FlexDVD. This ultra-thin disc is only 0.6mm thick, and can be bent and manipulated without damage to the disc. Remarkably, the FlexDVD plays like a regular disc, and is available in DVD-5 (4.7 GB), HD-DVD (15 GB), 80mm VCD (1.1 GB), and a "mini" HD-DVD (3.7 GB). Yet, because it's only half as thick as a regular DVD, it can be utilized in ways that regular DVDs simply cannot. For example, because it's resistant to breaking, shattering, and cracking, a FlexDVD can easily be used in direct mail, or as a cover mount on a magazine or manual.

Another innovation in the DVD duplication field is what's called a "hybrid disc." This is a two-sided disc that contains DVD material on one side and digital audio on the other. It can be formatted as DVD/CD, HD-DVD/CD, or HD-DVD/DVD-5. While the music and video industries have used this product, it has expanded to the business-to-business sector. Within the music industry, one side of this hybrid disc is often used for music videos, behind the scenes footage, and artists' biographies, while the other side is used as a conventional CD. The B-to-B market appreciates that a single disc operates both as a DVD-ROM and CD-ROM, enabling them to reach every target audience with a single disc.

While the adage says that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, DVD duplication and CD duplication services are often judged by their packaging and labeling. One of the most intriguing – and scent-sational – innovations is what are termed "rub and smell discs." Essentially, a scented varnish is applied to the label but remains inert until someone rubs the label and releases the scent. Given research that indicates that consumers are four times as likely to buy a product that they can smell over a similar but unscented product, marketers are embracing the potential of rub and smell discs. Those in the dvd duplication industry are adding this technology to their repertoire by offering clients both stock and customized scents.

The industry is also offering cutting edge technology to prevent unauthorized DVD duplication and CD duplication. With an estimated one billion dollars per year lost to piracy in the movie industry alone, the urgency to find ways to protect copyrighted material has reached the critical stage. There are a number of techniques employed that prevent video content from being recorded to DVD and computer recorders, either digitally or through analog means.

Recent trends have clearly demonstrated that the DVD Duplication industry is more than up to the task of finding new and innovative ways to manufacture DVDs, create creative packaging solutions, and prevent piracy.

For more DVD Duplication info and pricing visit: Abet Disc

How To Choose A CD Duplication Company

CD Duplication Service

Whether you need a few hundred CDs or DVDs or a few thousand, it’s important to choose the right company to help you with this process. A CD Duplication company has all the necessary equipment to produce high quality CDs or DVDs with professional artwork to make your discs really shine.

First, understand the difference between CD duplication. The two processes provide similar results, but differ in the quantity of CDs or DVDs you can copy and the methods used. For instance, if you need a few hundred DVDs, then DVD duplication will suffice. Duplication is the process in which the data is burned onto a recordable disc’s surface. Replication, however, uses a glass master copy to stamp data onto the CDs or DVDs. Quantities for CD or DVD duplication are usually between five hundred and a thousand, while replication is used for quantities of more than a thousand. You can even make a million copies using CD duplication!

If you only need a hundred or so CDs or DVDs, consider purchasing your own duplicator. Duplicators can range in price anywhere from a few hundred to two thousand dollars depending on the features, quality, and brand. This can help if you own a company or franchise and need to make copies for employees. Churches and non-profit organizations also find these to be handy for copying low-quantity items.

Choose a Company that Meets Your Needs

When choosing a CD duplication company, be sure the company offers all the services you’ll need from start to finish at a reasonable price. Some companies will do CD mastering, replication, and design for you. There are brokers that merely work as a middle man between you and the CD duplication company. Brokers can be helpful if you’re just starting out and have a really big project to complete. There are also manufacturers that outsource the replication work to other smaller companies.

Probably the best solution if you want very professional service is to choose a company that specializes in CD mastering, CD design, and CD duplication. A specialist can help you determine the best route for duplicating your CDs or DVDs and how to choose the proper design for your CDs and packaging. Some companies will even create artwork for you. This is a big plus because you won’t have to hire a graphic artist separately. You can complete the whole process professionally using a single company.

Locating a Vendor

There are several ways to find CD duplication specialists. You can contact those in your own city to compare their offerings and pricing. If you live in a small town, you might have to travel a good distance to the next largest city to find a CD duplication company. Or, you can benefit now from online services and never have to leave the office. Working with an online vendor can save you time and money. You can also check out what they offer and their pricing easily by surfing their website.

If you have the financial means, be sure to opt for higher quantities to get great discounts per CD. This will save you money in the long run and allow you to make higher profits when selling your CDs or DVDs.

If you’re in the music industry, motivational speaking, or need cd duplication for other purposes, use the tips above to carefully choose a CD Duplication company that’s right for you!

For more CD Duplication info visit: Abet Disc

DVD CD Duplication and Marketing

CD Duplication Company

Creative, attention-grabbing marketing strategies can push a product into prominence, garner media attention, and reinforce brand awareness and loyalty – and give a business an edge on the competition. In today’s world, multimedia rules. For that reason, CDs, DVDs, and even HD-DVDs should be part of your marketing repertoire.

Getting Your Message Out

Whether you need to send out training materials to employees or product information to prospective customers, CD Duplication services or DVD Duplication services can help you place your information in front of your target audience in a format that they will embrace. Similarly, you can easily use CD duplication or DVD duplication services to make hundreds of discs that can be sold, handed out a trade shows, bound in along with magazine advertisements, or bundled inside mass mailers. And, when your goal is to disseminate the highest quality images that technology has to offer, you can even take advantage of DVD duplication services.

Finding the CD Duplication Company

Whether you’re interested in DVD duplication or cd duplication, it’s critical to choose the right company with which to do business. Here are some characteristics to look for in a CD manufacturer:

Experience: Your multimedia disc will say volumes about your company, so you need to ensure that the manufacturer you work with has extensive experience in CD and DVD duplication, media services, and information technology.

Customer Service: The company you use should place a premium on customer service, and should have a client roster that contains repeat customers.

Cutting Edge Technology: Look for comprehensive premastering, mastering, and duplication services for all CD and DVD formats, as well as the ability to copy protect your discs.

Quality Control: Ensure that the company you select has exceptional quality control standards. For example, the first disc that is duplicated should be tested bit-for-bit against the original, and should also be played in a variety of drives and players to test functionality.

Creativity: The service you choose should be able to go beyond standard round discs and provide you with creative options that include customized designs and disc shapes. You could, for example, distribute a CD that is the size of a business card, that is in a shape that reflects the nature of your business or the theme of your campaign, or that has other unique characteristics.

Packaging: At the very least, the company you work with should be able to offer UV cured inks and up to full-color printing on your CDs or DVDs. Beyond that, the best companies also offer incredibly effective packaging services that will make your CD or DVD stand out from the crowd.

From products to promotions, you can use DVD and CD duplication that will put you ahead of your competition and enhance your company’s image.

Cheap CD Duplication Services – Los Angeles

CD Duplication

If you’re interested in distributing your music on disc or your CD-ROM, you’ll need to look into CD duplication services. You’re probably interested in the least expensive option, so cheap CD duplication companies will be a big priority. However, price isn’t the only thing you should consider. There are a lot of other things to think about when you’re trying to get a large run of high quality discs made on time and well. CD duplication, the advantages of duplicaion, and the things you should look for in a quality CD duplication company. That way, you’ll be able to tell which companies are right for your needs.

CD Duplication

CD duplication is a method producing small runs, if you don’t need 1000 discs CD duplication is the best option. The price depends on the quantity of discs you want to duplicate. It’s the best method to use if you’re a musician just getting started and doing promotions, or if you’re trying to do some small scale advertising. You can even get high quality full-color printed discs, just like the kind a big label would produce.

If you’re looking for scale 100 to 300 copies CD duplication is your best choice. Each CD will be an exact copy of the master. These discs are constantly checked for quality and fidelity to the original master disc you provide to the factory. Every discs will be checked to make sure they can be played in just about any device, so you’ll know there won’t be problems getting your information out there. Generally, factories producing CDs will have a minimum order you need to comply with. The larger your order, however, the cheaper it’ll be per unit.

What To Look For In CD Duplication Services

If you’re interested in finding cheap CD dupliation companies, but want to make certain that you’ll end up with a high quality product and good service, you should pay attention to a few things. Find out the company’s reputation and whether or not they have a good return customer base, for instance. You’ll also want to see how you feel about their customer service. Working with a service that treats you poorly isn’t worth it in the long run, even if their prices are relatively low. It’s better to choose a company that can really do what you need them to.

Make sure you find out what’s including in the price you’re quoted. Are you just receiving bulk CD duplication, or will you also be getting disc printing, printed cardboard sleeves, and insertion into the sleeves, shrink wrapping, CDs in Digipaks or CDs in jewel-cases it can make a big difference in the final cost of your product if you don’t pay attention. You’ll often find that it’s better to pay a few more cents per disc to do it at the factory, even if cheap CD duplication is a priority. CD duplication can be a great way to get your information and your message out there!

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